Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Food Review: Evvia Estiatorio, Contemporary Hellenic Cuisine, Palo Alto, CA

During a rough day, you want to treat yourself to a nice lunch.  After all, work can be hard =)  After an attempt to go get Burmese Food at Rangoon Ruby, making a rookie mistake by not making a reservation in Palo Alto at 12:00 PM, we wandered into Evvia Estiatorio.  When you walk into the restaurant, you are greeted with a pleasant aroma.  You cannot quite put your finger on it because there are so many dishes blending together.  The hostess and host are equally pleasant, asking us if we had a reservation.  Since their faces didn't drop immediately, I knew we had a chance to be seated.  As I waited 2 minutes, I surveyed the restaurant.  There appeared to be intimate lunches (e.g., families) and business lunches.  There was a small furnace lined against the wall of the bar.  The wine was gorgeously stacked in diamond shaped slots.

Seating includes the most comfortable booths I have ever been in.  I wanted to take a nap before and after lunch!  The cushions were soft and allowed you to sink in.  They felt like what you would imagine clouds feeling like.  There are many people that dine here, but the noise level isn't unbearable.  You can carry on a conversation.  I ordered the Moussaka which is described as a "baked casserole with eggplant, lamb ragout, potatoes, & yogurt bechamel."

The Moussaka melts in your mouth!  If you enjoy lamb, this casserole is for you!  I devoured the entire helping.  It was warm and was loaded with ingredients. Although there was an abundance of ingredients, the yogurt bechamel gave it a light feel.  I savored every bite, finishing last.  Let's just say I cleaned the dish for Evvia staff.

Here is the business card for reference.  The bottom picture is another one of their restaurants in San Francisco.  If I ever have a bad day, particularly on a cold day, I'm going to get out of the office to go to Evvia!!

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