Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pinterest Party: DIY Magnetic Make-up Board, Glitter Jars, and Foot Scrub!

Let's face it, I pin so many DIY projects and I haven't done any of them!  If you are like any of my friends and me, we have 100's to 1000's of pins.  My good friend had a brilliant idea of having a Pinterest Party (she has actually done her diy pins).  The rules were simple: Everyone pick their own projects, buy their own supplies, and meet for Pinterest time (AKA girl time).  Here are some of the projects from the day/evening.  

Magnetic Make-up Board

I have wanted to make a magnetic make-up board for days!  The party finally gave me a reason to go through with it.  I followed the instructions from this blog and is credited to:

1) Old picture frame
2) 1 piece of sheet metal
3) Cute fabric (It HAS to be cute lol)
4) Spray Adhesive
5) Magnets
6) Every day use make up
7) Glue gun and glue sticks

I had this old frame lying around the house and I knew one day that I would find the perfect use for it!  I got it several years ago at a thrift shop and have always loved the color of the border (so no spray paint needed).  I went to JoAnn's Fabrics and took my sweet time until I found the perfect fabric for the background.  This bird pattern was $9.99 a yard.  As you can see I used very little.  I bought a piece of sheet metal from Home Depot.  It is notable that these are pre-cut so to fit the frame, my friend had to cut it with his tool.

1) Cut enough fabric to cover the sheet metal.  I used the cardboard in the picture frame to guide me.
2) Cut the sheet metal to fit inside the picture frame.
3) Evenly spray the sheet metal with the spray adhesive.
4) Evenly spread the fabric.  This took me a few times.  I pulled the fabric up a couple times to ensure that it was evenly spread.

5) Heat the glue gun.
6) Glue magnets to the backs of the make-up.  Some heavier items may need two to three magnets.
7) Stick onto the board as desired!

End Result!!  Love it!

My other friends made awesome projects!!

Glitter jars!  Evenly spread mod podge around the jars and coat with glitter!

Foot Scrub! Mix dishwasher soap and sugar.  Neatly place in a mason jar.  Add a cute/funny label!

Scrub those feet!!

My friend took this awesome pic of all the projects.  The one on the left is a button monogram! Glued and hand sewn...Now that is dedication!

I had a blast and now I'm inspired to do more DIY projects!


  1. This was a successful party! I love your makeup board! You forgot to mention that we had cake and cheesy potatoes to fuel our energy... And daddy daycare was an added bonus. Haha :)

  2. Those snacks were amazing and so was the daddy daycare!

  3. What an amazing idea Steph! After one failed "Craft Night" with the girls, this would be a neat way to start it back up. I am certainly one of THOSE people who pin amazingly cool DIY projects and never look back..


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