Sunday, May 25, 2014

How to dress the baby bump!

Pregnancy has led to me wearing my clothes in a creative way.  It is always a challenge to figure out how I will dress my (baby) bump! The first rule of thumb that I have lived by is to not buy too many new clothes that I will never use post-pregnancy.  My close friend gladly gave me all of her pregnancy clothes once she had her second child so I've been able to get by with a combination of her clothes + my old pregnancy clothes + dresses.  Some women love their clothes to hug their baby bump tightly, but for me, my second rule of thumb is to be comfortable.  As such, I tend to wear more loose fitting clothes.  Here is the development from 4-7 months:

4 months
My saving grace has been jeggings (given to me by my close friend)...they stretch and can accessorize with any dress that I wear.

5 months
This dress was given to me by one of my best friends.  Free-flowing dresses have been very comfortable so as to not to restrict the bump.  Again paired this with jeggings.

6 months
This dress is near and dear to my heart because I have worn it for two pregnancies.  This was from H&M, purchased over 2 years ago for $10!!  It was such a find and it is one of the most comfortable dresses that I own.  The great things about this dress is that you can wear it post-pregnancy because you can adjust the waist-line with the string.

7 months
This was a shirt recently given to me by my close friend.  As you can see, the baby bump is happily growing. 

7 months
There is nothing that I have loved more than wearing this transparent, cobalt shirt (of course with a loose tank underneath).  These stretchy bootleg pants from NY&CO have also been worn through two pregnancies.  They are comfortable for the weekend and at work.  Now that I am in the home stretch, I have to shelve my heels for a few months, but if you can see, I am wearing some sparkly, gold flats (my compromise)

Now let's see where 8 & 9 months will lead me...

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