Monday, July 14, 2014

Mommy Make-over: Ombre Hair

As the weeks have gone by and you are in the "home-stretch" of pregnancy, you continue to cope with the changes happening in your life and to your body.  So in order to do so, I made a vow to myself to do one nice thing for myself for every week that I make it to the 39 weeks!  One of the nice things that I was most excited about was my hair cut/hair dye.

According to the stylist extraordinaire, Ms. Tamy, I have "virgin hair," meaning I have never dyed it before. The last time I was preggie, I got a long bob-cut, which I enjoyed, but I began to miss my long locks.  I mulled over it for a month about what I wanted to do.  Of course, I took to Pinterest to help me decide, and the hair style that I most gravitated to was ombre hair.  The new trend, which I like even better is sombre hair (subtle ombre).  I don't really care for the ombre hair that when styled straight, you can see blocks of color, or lines breaking up the colors.  So I was a bit nervous going into Mondi Salon, but Tamy said, "Don't worry."  So I didn't, particularly since she seemed super confident, showed me pics of past work, and I was referred to her by a friend that I trusted!


I have always loved my jet black hair and didn't feel the desire to dye it, but I wanted something different as I am going into this new phase in my life =)

I have to say that Tamy is the best stylist that I have ever seen!  I usually walk out of the salon feeling disappointed at how the haircut turned out.  She listened and actually followed through with what I wanted (keeping my hair long, the sombre colors, and styling it the way I wanted it).  The makings of a great stylist is not just their talent (which is a large percentage), but can you talk with them for the hours that you are there.  The answer is YES!  You can talk to her about anything--ethnic culture, pop culture, etc.  It's also nice that she had old school Hip Hop/R&B/Pop radio going on in the background!  She is just so friendly.  Plus, she works on Sundays!  Her attention to detail is impeccable, no rushing here!


And shameless selfies to promote Tamy's work!  If you are interested in making an appointment, let me know =)  I know I was very happy after this wonderful hair make-over!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Little Fashionista

The majority of things that come in mini sizes are adorable.  Most of my daughter's clothes have been hand-me-downs, allowing us to mix and match a variety of pieces.  Sometimes, she gets special treats for presents.  There is nothing like when you are a young'in playing dress up.

This orange wonder is from GAP, which was very affordable because GAP was running a promotion: Additional 50% off of sale items.  Since it is long in length on her, she will be able to enjoy it for sometime.  This is the perfect summer dress, particularly when you are sweating 24/7.

Here, she was "driving" the fire truck and accessorized the outfit with a kiddie fire hat.  She chose to pair her hot pink Hello Kitty slippers with the dress.

The dress was even great for when she was riding the pony...

 And for when she was goofing around...

This was her Fourth of July outfit.  Of course, she had to have princess hair with the Red and White, in addition to her flip flops.

Those 1969 Gap mini-skinny jeans doe...

This dress was also a brand-new, hand-me down.  The mint toggle sweater was a gift from our friend.  Since she was running around all day, she wore princess sneakers.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What NOT to do with your boots: RIP my leather friends!

We have had many good club nights together and shopping trips.  I know that you are material goods, but nonetheless, we have been together many years, more years that my daughter is old right now.  Okay so this is a bit dramatic so I will go back to reality now...

Today, I went to the cobbler/shoe repair to finally fix a pair of pumps (cobalt mary janes that I wrote about) and two pairs of boots.  It was an expensive quote (over $100) but I'm hoping heel repair, re-soling, and protective covers are worth it.  The most expensive pair that I brought was determined to be "un-fixable," according to the cobbler.  Why?  Well take a look...

The soles look pretty bad, but that's now what deemed them DONE.  

This heel was the final factor, as there is not even a metal piece to it left.

Apparently, if I kept walking on these, the heels would eventually snap.  So I guess these boots were NOT made for walking and dancing.  

It is such a shame because I was looking forward to adding them back to my shoe collection.  

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