Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Little Fashionista

The majority of things that come in mini sizes are adorable.  Most of my daughter's clothes have been hand-me-downs, allowing us to mix and match a variety of pieces.  Sometimes, she gets special treats for presents.  There is nothing like when you are a young'in playing dress up.

This orange wonder is from GAP, which was very affordable because GAP was running a promotion: Additional 50% off of sale items.  Since it is long in length on her, she will be able to enjoy it for sometime.  This is the perfect summer dress, particularly when you are sweating 24/7.

Here, she was "driving" the fire truck and accessorized the outfit with a kiddie fire hat.  She chose to pair her hot pink Hello Kitty slippers with the dress.

The dress was even great for when she was riding the pony...

 And for when she was goofing around...

This was her Fourth of July outfit.  Of course, she had to have princess hair with the Red and White, in addition to her flip flops.

Those 1969 Gap mini-skinny jeans doe...

This dress was also a brand-new, hand-me down.  The mint toggle sweater was a gift from our friend.  Since she was running around all day, she wore princess sneakers.

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