Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What NOT to do with your boots: RIP my leather friends!

We have had many good club nights together and shopping trips.  I know that you are material goods, but nonetheless, we have been together many years, more years that my daughter is old right now.  Okay so this is a bit dramatic so I will go back to reality now...

Today, I went to the cobbler/shoe repair to finally fix a pair of pumps (cobalt mary janes that I wrote about) and two pairs of boots.  It was an expensive quote (over $100) but I'm hoping heel repair, re-soling, and protective covers are worth it.  The most expensive pair that I brought was determined to be "un-fixable," according to the cobbler.  Why?  Well take a look...

The soles look pretty bad, but that's now what deemed them DONE.  

This heel was the final factor, as there is not even a metal piece to it left.

Apparently, if I kept walking on these, the heels would eventually snap.  So I guess these boots were NOT made for walking and dancing.  

It is such a shame because I was looking forward to adding them back to my shoe collection.  

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