Monday, September 28, 2015

Everyone loves Tay Tay (Taylor Swift that is): 1989 Tour

Patiently, we wait for her.  We were serenaded by Shawn  Mendes..."I'll be needing stitches!"  We play with the bracelets in front of our seats.  "Mine doesn't work, Mom..."  Mine doesn't either, sweetheart.  We were fooled.  As the lights went out, all the bracelets in the stadium lit up.  "Welcome to New York!  Welcome to New York!"

One of my fave songs that she performed was a rendition of Trouble, which was slow-tempo and moody.  At first, I didn't even know that's what she was singing.

Only Tay Tay could make singing on a bench so cool!  She then cuts to Style and I couldn't believe it, Julia Roberts!  I heard the night before that Fifth Harmony performed, and I was bummed that they were not there on the night we went.  I am happy for Lil Mynx who got a chance to get the Tay-Stamp-of-Approval. 

 Of course, the night ended with "Shake it off!  Shake it off!"  My daughter fell asleep before her two favorite songs and told me to wake her up, but she missed it =/  I took vid for her though.  Confetti was everywhere and grown, grown folk along with kids, teens, tweens were singing Shake it Off in unison.  That is the universality of Tay Tay.  Don't forget her amazing fashion sense!  That emerald green dress!!

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