Sunday, November 17, 2013

Food Review: Hops & Hominy & CocoaBella Chocolates, San Francisco

It was a girls day out to downtown San Francisco.  It was super cold so I wanted to layer up and wear my new neon yellow dress.  I decided to layer a small cream colored trench on top of the yellow dress.  So I wouldn't freeze my butt off, I wore black, stretchy skinnies underneath; All Small everything.  Now that I had my pop of color to make me happy, we wanted to try a new restaurant and window shop.

We chose Hops & Hominy.  It is located in a dead-end alleyway AKA the cuts lol! It has an adorable sign:

Here was the brunch menu.  The waitress said that they print the menu every week.


The appeal of this spot was the environment.  The walls are lined with mason jars and inside are plastic candles.  Water is served in mason jars, and there is a variety of drinks to choose from.  The wall that we were sitting in front of had amazing artwork.  In the bathroom, there is amazing artwork on the walls, too, but I didn't really want to take a pic in the can lol.

           For the Carnivores: Chicken and Waffles.  I was imagining crispy fried chicken and waffles drenched in syrup.  The chicken was fried, but was not really infused with much flavor.  The waffles and chicken were covered in dabs of hot sauce.  There were probably five drops of syrup around the plate.  The waffles alone were buttery and soft.  

For the Vegetarian: Egg Sandwich

Overall, I would give the restaurant a 3/5 stars.  If you want a chill spot to hang out at on a Sunday afternoon, this is the place to go.  

Afterwards, window shopping led us to CocoaBella Chocolates, which has tons of exquisite chocolates.  

I decided on the passion fruit (the chocolate in the middle).  It had a rich, creamy chocolate interior with a hint of passion fruit.  I should have been more mindful about eating it and savored it, but it was so delicious that I devoured it in two seconds.  This is a nice change of pace from the stereotypical chocolate shops.

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