Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beyonce Concert: Mrs. Carter Tour

As you slowly scanned SAP Center, screens were lit with a simple symbol: B.  Anticipation was growing as it approached 9:00 PM for Queen Bey to step onstage.  Then the stadium went dark, and the video began with her dressed in royal garments.  Her dancers were dressed in Gaga-esque clothes--circular, white, wired skirts; they floated around in a circle, setting the stage for the Queen to appear.  Then you see the blond hair flying everywhere.  The song progressively gets more intense, as Queen Bey asks, "Who runs this motha?"  The answer that she is looking for is girls, of course.  We all know that it also means her, as she is definitely a boss, a power-house, and a kind soul. 

Queen Bey's voice did not disappoint.  Unlike some pop concerts that I've been to, she was actually singing, while dancing in her 4-5 inch stilettos; you know this just takes stamina and years of practice.  She was a lot smaller than she appears on television.  Her passion is evident as she performs, balancing swag with a care-free attitude.

However, I couldn't help but feel disappointment, as the set only lasted approximately 90 minutes.  This reflected avant garde video clips.  I would have preferred to have non-stop performing.  The last concert I went to was JT/Jay-Z so I recognize that the bar has been set.  I also paid $550 for two tickets and just wanted a bit more.  Most of the set list was from her recent cd, sprinkled with Survivor, Irreplaceable, Single Ladies...

Despite my disappointment, I have to acknowledge that she zip-lined from the main stage to the Bey stage, giving many fans an opportunity to get an up close and personal view.  She hugged and high-fived many.  She threw her sweat towels to fans, which on a side note, I've never quite understood what people do with (a sweaty towel).  I guess it is an unique souvenir.  The best part of the show  was towards the end when she sang Happy Birthday to a fan.  They put him on the jumbo-tron and she threw him a towel, stating, "You know who I am throwing this to," and no one tried to grab it.  Despite her general interviews and soft-spoken public persona, Sasha Fierce is a G and has swag in her mannerisms and words.  Who can't respect that?

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